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The Endless Road to The Horizon

Sometimes all you want is a little inspirational list to get you through the day. That Buzz from the pictures, the music, the cultures or the movies.

This blog brings the world to your presence. You can read about the best of places, see pictures of amazing geagraphical sites, read stories of those that have made it to the edges of the world and be part of the traveling community.

The stories are simple, easily digestible and will show many portraits of travelers. It may not have long-form writing or loads of practical tips, but it brings inspiration to others, and entertainment as well as backpacking tips to some of the aspiring travelers.


Seeing it all as it Should Be

For the time I have been backpacking in Kenya a number of things have inspired me a lot. And I Know the rest of these group will ne inspired as well. The Hikers, Campers, Solo travelers, Backpackers and Global Wanderers. At Articles of Life we shall share intriguing stories of great adventures travel relayed with great passion.


The Light

You don’t necessarily have to fly to have a great experience. There is a lot to see both locally and regionally if only you have the desire to move and explore. The only thing needed is passion about wildlife, nature, camping, road trips and exploring local destinations.

Getting the Ken

The Inner Desire for More

Mainly to feature unique personal experiences from the adventures of exploring camping destinations around the country. Furthermore, create travel awareness by sharing destination information to help others to travel and experience the country more.

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The Scribbler

Welcome to Articles of Life

A blog that captures the daily sensation of life, all its events and the thoughts that keep running through..

My name is Collins K China, and I love to write about the true essence of life and all its facets. Nature is my stage, I write as am spoken to.
I welcome you to my bubble as we roll the ball together.

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