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We tell it as it is

The sound of old stories as told by primary sources just as they happened. True events that people have experienced are the lime light of this world, the daily food of our eyes, ears and soul. I want to hear the deepest secrets that make people be themselves, the intents behind their moves and the feelings that come to them whenever a certain wave passes.


We tell it as it is

In the silence of the evening, the moment when alone, thats when the soul speaks to us. To tell us what life is about and what should be done. This is the time to listen to the story as it is being told with truth.

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The Scribbler

Welcome to Articles of Life

A blog that captures the daily sensation of life, all its events and the thoughts that keep running through..

My name is Collins K China, and I love to write about the true essence of life and all its facets. Nature is my stage, I write as am spoken to.
I welcome you to my bubble as we roll the ball together.

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