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The days we live need some elements that will make them livable. We need work, we need relationships, we need to move rom one location to another. Without these and many others, our needs and desires will not be accomplished. Insight which i call the daily light, gives us the directions of how to do the basics of each day, how we can survive, how to live, how to handle ourselves under different circumstances and many other that shall arise in the course of writing

Insight is making connections from the things we experience everyday with ideas we have in other parts of our lives. If you can see patterns, or commonalities between the topic and your experiences, and then describe them, that is insight. On the other side, if you can see conflicts or inconsistencies, or counter-examples from your experience, that is insight too.

Insights don’t necessarily depend on preparation. They don’t necessarily help us get past impasses. If we want to understand insights we’ll need to broaden our perspective to take daily stories and events into account.

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Welcome to Articles of Life

A blog that captures the daily sensation of life, all its events and the thoughts that keep running through..

My name is Collins K China, and I love to write about the true essence of life and all its facets. Nature is my stage, I write as am spoken to.
I welcome you to my bubble as we roll the ball together.

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