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The path to choose, March 13, 2018

Where does it all start - We ask ourselves these questions many many times, but never find a substantial answer. We are lost in confusion and we seem not to have any other choice but to find the answers that will guide us in life.

This is a philosophical blog that shares deep stories about Life. From them we can find a road map to that desire that we cherish in our souls.

As I have lived, I have come to know that life is a blind gift given to everyone, wrapped with time, instructions and consequences. To live it, you have to know it, or else you will loose. In itself it appears like a game, and what do we do in a game other than play to win.

Here, we shall learn together how to play the game of life..thereby the Articles of Life


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Welcome to Articles of Life

A blog that captures the daily sensation of life, all its events and the thoughts that keep running through..

My name is Collins K China, and I love to write about the true essence of life and all its facets. Nature is my stage, I write as am spoken to.
I welcome you to my bubble as we roll the ball together.

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