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Daily Thoughts

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You might ask yourself why am I living the life that am living, why are things running the way they run, why is life the way it is. For me I ask why do I have to live this life.
For many years now, people have followed the ways of our forefathers without any questions, and I won’t start asking because I know it is the best thing to do, for I do it myself without worrying because I know that experience is the best teacher. Along the way I have come to question my Life's Journey in terms of Faith, and I want to know why I follow my path in order to have unwavering conviction. Read more >>

Bible Quest

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Everyone makes their own path to walk in life, but at one point or another our paths cross and we have to see each other through. We depend on the experience that our forefathers went through in order to find our own way. One book that has the greatest insight is The Bible.
Secrets from the Beginning to the End of this world are there.
Quite interesting isn't it.
We shall begin from Genesis to Revelation, a wonderful slow journey, sharing our days and input as we are spoken to. Its gonna take us through many centuries, geographical areas and empires together with the earth itself. Not forgetting you and me included.
The enlightment of the soul and mind.


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The days we live need some elements that will make them livable. We need work, we need relationships, we need to move from one location to another. Without these and many others, our needs and desires will not be accomplished. Insight which i call the daily light, gives us the directions of how to do the basics of each day, how we can survive, how to live, how to handle ourselves under different circumstances and many other that shall arise in the course of our journey. Read more >>


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